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Montelobos Mezcal

October 9, 2013

montelobos_bottleMontelobos Mezcal Joven is, quite simply, mezcal at its peak. A spirit born from a deep reverence for the agave plant and centuries of experience farming it and making mezcal, Montelobos is today a finely balanced drink.

You might call it fate, but Oaxacan locals spill a bit of Montelobos in gratitude to Mayahuel when we speak of the day fifth-generation mezcalero Don Abel Lopez crossed paths with agave expert Iván Saldaña. These two men, each with a deep respect for the other’s expertise, endeavored to create a mezcal unlike any other. Together they selected an organic agave espadín only found in the area surrounding Oaxaca’s Cerro Montelobos and together they worked through the Lopez family’s traditional distillation process to bring out the unique flavors of the espadín against the characteristic mezcal smokiness.

They determined the exact size and shape of their roasting pits, they lengthened the cooking process and established the precise fermentation and distillation conditions. Always, they worked to integrate everything that is mezcal—tradition, Oaxaca, agave, smoke, and all those flavors coming from the complexity of fermentation. Always, the goal was to find mezcal’s peak flavor and bottle it.

So, what is Montelobos Mezcal Joven? It is a handcrafted labor of love. It is a tradition, fine-tuned. It is a mezcal of extraordinary balance and sophistication. It is mezcal at its peak.


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